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  • 35% Drama
  • 13% Fantasy
  • 11% Sci-Fi
  • 8% Thriller
  • 8% Mystery
  • 7% Adventure
  • 18% Others
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Favorite Series

Season one episode 25 is a finale must watch, and can be found on YouTube. Don't start the 2nd season before viewing this final episode. Great series, deep with continued action interests.
Da Vinci's Demons
Fantastic, love the lead charactors and the insane tale of Da Vinci's life. Storyu line was amazing, special effects were great, will watch again!
awesome series, couldn't miss an episode! Very current with real world events, which made the story one to anticipate. Great actors all throughout, action packed fast story line. Love it, hope it runs for more years
Under the Dome
Enjoyable characters, some to love or hate. Most episodes were well done though I found the story lacking with the entrance of the queen. Her part was lackluster and some episodes simply failed to fulfill any reality- the birth scenes were too condensed, lost a lot for drama. Birth mom simply had no fight to live even though she kicked ass a few moments before. I am looking forward to the season four though, should be interesting with the new queen.

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